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EZ Puller Logo floating above ocean water

We are the manufacture of the “ORIGINAL” ELECTRIC POT HAULER on the West Coast

For more than 20+years we have tested and proven our own design of hand-built commercial quality 12v and 24v Electric Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster Pot/Trap haulers.  Providing sport and commercial fishermen with quality USA-made products.

We are the only manufacture of 12v electric Salmon trolling davits suitable for commercial use. In addition, we also design and build Custom Specialty Davits
for use in Law Enforcement and Government research.

On top of that, We hand build some of the best catching Dungeness Crab and Shrimp pots for the West Coast, along with accessories that meet the demands of commercial gear, but have the ease of use that sport fishermen have come to expect and demand.

So, if you are interested in the very best products and not imitations, look no further than our EZ-Puller line of top-quality pot and trap haulers. Our haulers are made with highest grade materials and quality
workmanship like no other.

Explore our line of hand-made American fishing gear to help you harvest the bounty of the sea!

A line of EZ Puller blue motors with EZ Puller logo on the white caps