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The EZ-E80X electric davit is 10” taller and has 6” more reach than a standard davit, such as EZ-E80. The unit is built from 1.5” Schedule 80, 3-piece aluminum davit. A sleeved gunnel mount, flat deck mount, and our 1.9hp 601 express 12v motor is water resistant and sealed DC motor with oil bath, roller bearings, steel & bronze alloy gears, die cast aluminum gear box and synthetic gear oil. Electrical switch assembly with a 14 foot 8-gauge harness and circuit breaker assembly. Anodized sheave with v-roller assembly, aluminum block with s/s quick link and s/s davit pin.

The unit pulls line at 140 feet per minute and has a pulling capacity of 150 pounds, and accepts line sizes ¼” to ⅜”.

This unit is 74" tall and has a reach of 32".

The EZ-E80X davit comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Does not include  fasteners for installing the mounts.