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EZ-HT2 High Torque 76" sch80 2" Electric Pot/Trap Hauler

The 3-piece EZ-HT2 is our HIGH Torque 2” Sch 80 extended Electric Pot Hauler. The package includes our time tested water resistant 2.4 hp 601 Gold express 12v DC motor. A permanently sealed cast aluminum gearbox containing 1 piece steel and bronze alloy gears with roller bearings, for unsurpassed strength, in a synthetic oil bath for long life. High amp 12v on/off switch assembly with a 14 ft. 8-gauge wire harness and 100 amp auto reset circuit breaker assembly. Our Power Grip Anodized Aluminum sheave with grease-able machined UHMW v-roller assembly, open face aluminum crab block with s/s quick link and s/s davit pin.

The EZ-HT2 also comes with our Line Tension device.

Includes our AMS300B UHMW Sleeved Flat Deck and AMS301B UHMW sleeved Gunnel Mounts.

Pulls line at up to 160 feet per minute with a lift capacity of 250 pounds. It accepts line sizes ¼” to ⅜”.

The EZ-HT1 davit unit is 76“ tall and has a reach of 34“.

The unit comes with a 1 year manufactures defect warranty.

Does not include fasteners for installing the mounts.

The 2” davit is recommended for pulling multiple pots on one line which is often done in Alaska and Canada.